Harris Catering
Harris Catering


Hi, I'm Fred!
I'll be your event coordinator!
Fred will cheerfully assist you in defining your desires and goals for your event, determine the appropriate venue, and help you design the perfect setting! He’ll work with you every step of the way, assemble a top notch catering team, and take all the stress out of planning for your event!
Fred Scharmer
[email protected]
Looking for something custom?
Let me know what you're thinking and I'll put together a proposal for you!

About Harris Catering

Fred Scharmer and Michelle Harris shared a passion for the culinary arts and business from high school and beyond. They formed the Harris Hospitality Group, and after establishing a succession of fine restaurants in the Muskegon area, they expanded to include the highly regarded Harris Catering, offering an extensive and varied cuisine of catering choices for every function, large or small, at the finest venus in Muskegon.

Careers at Harris Catering

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